Second Hand, Vintage and Retro Material

We love bags, well who doesn't?  Here at Edge of Eden we take second hand, vintage and retro material to make functional and stylish bags.  

A mix of the eclectic is sure to raise some eyebrows.  Are you brave enough to stand out?



We make our bags by hand at our Fife studio.  

We have a problem though, once the material is finished its finished.  We source our material from second hand shops and via donations so we mix and match what we have.  

We can't buy or replicate the patterns which means you get a unique bag.  Guess it can't be all that bad after all.


Take an old bag shopping

Our bags are made to fit shopping and your essentials like your laptop.  No more getting caught out at the supermarket check out when you have one of our bags.  

#noplastics #reclaim #redesign



Getting Creative

How does this sound? Second had curtain lining and cotton sheets are transformed into our own designs.  We don't source new fabric, there's no need.  This second hand fabric is a great base to get started and as the material is washed before we start, our designs are colour fast.

Add in some screen printing techniques and some retro design inspiration and we're off! 

We can then use it to create bags and recover lamp shades.   Clothes? Well that might take another few sewing classes to master.



You're not really surprised that we use our own material to make bags now are you?  We have created a range of #EoEBags to take shopping that aim to reduce the use of single use plastic bags and promote inspirational use of second hand materials.  

These don't stay on our shelves long, in fact most are taken before the ink dries.  Stay in the loop and see our designs first on instagram, twitter and facebook so you can get in there quick.