Refillable Candles


Whats this all about?

Well, we had an idea.  

We knew that everyone really loved our mini jam jar candles but they wanted more.  'BIGGER', 'SUPER SIZED', 'ENORMOUS', 'NEVER ENDING' candles and we never disappoint!


Going Green in Style

Our reusable Rose Gold Tin candles are a great option for those who want that bit of luxury designer touch added to their home.  

We have designed these candles to look  great, smell great with a choice of different scents and burn for about 30 hours.  

When they are finished the empty tins are returned to us so they can be refilled keeping a resource in circulation for as long as possible.


Reaping the Rewards

 Light weight and durable means they can be popped in the post and are a great mail order alternative. 

Not only are you helping us by returning our tins for reuse, you are reducing the carbon emission created to produce new tins as well as reducing waste.

Re-order and receive a discount on your next candle and build up your loyalty rewards to get a free refill.

Its win win all round!

Vintage Tea Cup Candles


What's that smell?

Mmmmmm you can smell our candles as soon as you walk through the door.

Created in one of our Scottish Studios these hand poured scented soy wax candles are high quality. They look great, smell great and you will be surprised at how long they last.  

These will be a talking point in your home.


Anyone for tea?

We go to great lengths to source original vintage tea cups.  Made to hold a hot cup of tea, we fill them with scented soy wax so you can be sure they are up to the task.

Once you've impressed your friends with this unique candle you can clean it and use it to pour yourself a nice cuppa or return it to us so we can reuse it and give you a discount off your next candle.  

Ah, that's better.

Reclaimed Mini Jam Jar Candles


Oh oh, these are too cute!


We are delighted to work with local businesses to source used mini jam jars.  These breakfast pots were destined for the bin until we said the they are too cute for that.

We take them, clean them, fill them and love them.

We are working with others to reduce waste and making the cutest candles. What's not to love?


Creating a Sustainable Scotland

Some people see waste, we see potential product.  We can see potential in these used mini breakfast jars and instead of sourcing new we work with hotels and other local businesses to collect  waste jars and recondition them so we can fill them with scented eco soy wax and an eco wick.  

 "Candles smell great, couldn't wait to get back from caravan to light them. I'm normally a clean cotton smell freak ( or cinnamon) But the rhubarb and black plum is amazing... Packaging was intact as well".


Putting the Environment First


As well as using reclaimed glass to make our candles we have opted for recycled cardboard boxes with biodegradable filling such as wood shavings.  We then add our recycled labels.  

We don't use plastics in our packaging even when popping them in the post.

We want to do more to protect the environment, so watch out for our new range of candles that will cause a buzz!


Candle Care

It has taken time to develop our mini jam jar products ensuring that we have matched the perfect wax, wick and scent to give a maximum total burn time of 9 hours.  

Remember though, we advise that you only burn for 2 hours at a time as the glass can become hot.  Better still put the jar in a tea light holder just for extra safety.  

Please read the safety labels attached to our candles and remember to never leave them unattended when burning.


Find out more

Find out why we are taking the sustainable option to make our reclaimed mini jam jar candles by watching our short narrated video.

 "Ordered these lovely little candles and arrived within 2 days. I loved the packaging with not a drop of plastic in sight. The candles all had a really lovely scent and it would be hard to pick my favourite. They burned evenly and unlike some larger candles scent could be easily detected.  The only down side is that they don't come in a larger size. Will order again".  Y O'Pray  October 2018